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Holiday Food Events in Mount Pleasant

The Holiday season is upon us!

With December about to begin, we reached out to our community partners to find out what food events were happening this month in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.

If you’re looking for a free or cheap meal, or just want to sit down and break break with your neighbours this Holiday season, have a look at the calendar below to find out what events are happening in your neighbourhood.

If you’re a community organization and your events aren’t listed on this calendar, please email me at and I’ll add your event to the list. Please note that this calendar is for food-related events (or events where food will be served) only.

It’s Not Just About the Food! A Feature about MPNH’s Food Programs.

The folks at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House — like people at many Mount Pleasant Community Organizations — are constantly using food as way to break down barriers between people and help create lasting community connections.

In a recent blog post, MPNH talked about the enormous impact their food-related programs have had on participants. Here’s a short excerpt from their story:

Like many new immigrants, Aya found the process of adjusting to her new life in Vancouver difficult and lonely.

That is, until she found her way to the Cooking Club program at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH). Through participation in these peer-run cooking workshops, Aya found a new way to engage with her community, make new friends, and lift herself out of her isolation.

Aya is not the only person in Vancouver who has struggled with loneliness. According to the Vancouver Foundation, one third of people in our city find it difficult to make friends. Off people living in our country for 5 years or less, 42% count 3 people or fewer in their network of close friends. That’s why MPNH programs like the Multicultural Cooking Club are such an important part of fostering social networks, relieving isolation, and supporting the mental wellbeing of those who call this city home.

Click here to read the whole story.

Kwayatsut Smoothie Project Featured at “How to Save a Life” Event.

This summer, the Mount Peasant Food Network (MPNH) launched a pilot program to serve smoothies to folks waiting in line at the Mount Pleasant Food Hub. Spearheaded by Jolene and the incredible volunteers from Kwayatsut (a VNHS Housing building in Mount Pleasant), this pilot has been a resounding success that we’ll be continuing into the fall/winter.

We’re very proud to share the story of a recent event called “How to Save a Life,” hosted at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, that focused on the real impact the overdose crisis is having on people in the city, and prominently showcased the peer-support work being done by the volunteers of our Smoothie Project.

Here’s an excerpt of the story from the MPNH’s blog:

Content advisory: This good-news story describes the experiences of people on the front lines of the fentanyl overdose crisis.

More than 50 people gathered at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House on October 11 to hear first-hand accounts from five storytellers whose lives are deeply touched by the fentanyl overdose crisis.

Behind the scenes, volunteers from the Kwayatsut Community Engagement group provided hospitality. for those who came to came to listen and learn, as well as the survivors and front-line responders who shared their stories. Many members of the group have similar experiences of displacement and addiction, and have lost loved ones to overdose. Most have been gathering at our House every Monday for several years, along with Jolene Andrew—the Aboriginal Community Developer here at MPNH.

Since June, the Kwayatsut Community Engagement group has led Project Smoothie along with the Mount Pleasant Food Network and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, giving back to the community in a sweet way. Three days a month, a team of volunteers serve 300 nutritious drinks to people as they wait in line at the Mount Pleasant food hub to receive food assistance. For this special gathering, Barb Bourdon and Mamie Charleson blended up a fresh batch of banana-blueberry smoothies, and served mugs of hot herbal tea…

Click here to read the whole story.

We’ve got a new logo!

With harvest season well and fully underway, we figured it was as good a time as any to take some inspiration from our garden’s bounty. After a collaborative design process that involved feedback from dozens of Food Network members and incredible work by graphic designer Brendon Ip, we finally have a new logo!!!


Our design features an ripe, beautiful blueberry (indigenous to B.C.) and design features that emulate the Mount Pleasant clock.

To accompany the release of the new logo on our website and Facebook, we asked Brendon to say a few words about his design process, and the inspiration for the logo:

My process for designing a logo, brand or identity always begins the same way. I begin by taking the description of what the vision for the product is supposed to be and researching other logos of like-minded and similar organizations, networks or groups. This led me to survey the great diversity and style of the numerous logos of the other community food networks.

While any illustrator always strives to be fluid with their design process, personal style tends to always find a way to incorporate itself in a design. Through my years of design and illustration, I found my passion in using bold vectors, shadows and negative space to create depth in a simple yet stylish illustration. As a logo is not only an image but a brand and identity, I felt that the image I was tasked with making was to be simple but representative of the Mount Pleasant community. As such, my thoughts immediate jumped to the iconic clock found by Main and Kingsway as a source of inspiration.

With the main idea in place, I had to find a simple shape to construct the body of the logo. With the input of the Mount Pleasant Food Network Group, we sorted through potential ideas of tomatoes, beets, blackberries, figs and finally landed on a native species, the blueberry.

With the core idea in place, I set off to design a simple logo that would accurately depict the fruit while merging it with the concept of the Mount Pleasant clock. During the design process, I strived to create a shape that was multi-functional, easily applicable in different formats whether it be: text, sticker, poster or online-use. I decided to use a minimalist design to ensure that the clock-face was recognizable but not overpowering and different shades of blue to illustrate depth in the spherical shape so as not to take away from the main concept of the logo. After a few small adjustments on fine details, colours and size, we landed on the final product.

Huge credit to Brendon for the amazing work, and a big thanks to all of the Network participants who provided feedback on the design.

If you’d like to stay posted on all the latest MPFN news or become a member of the network, click here to sign up for our mailing list.

Summer Celebration at QA Garden!

QA Summer Party 2016

Come celebrate International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples at the Queen Alexandra Garden!

The Right to Education is this year’s International Day theme. What better way to learn than by getting your hands in the soil and sharing good food with your neighbours?

Garden Co-Coordinator Ida Manuel is leading a Native Plant Walk at the start of the event. Afterwards, everyone will come together to harvest, prepare and enjoy a healthy salad and snacks. Ida will serve fresh blackberry & lemon balm ice tea with ingredients from the garden!

Throughout the event, you’re welcome to pick and snack on berries, and participate in the seed swap. There will be arugula and kale seeds lovingly saved from this garden, and a mix of other awesome veggie seeds provided by Village Vancouver.

This is a kid and family-friendly event, all ages are welcome!

RSVP through our Facebook event, or contact Joey at Share with your friends!


Mount Pleasant Family Centre Garden

The Mount Pleasant Family Centre has created a gardening workshop through the summer until September running once a week. This was created for local families who either don’t have access to a garden or want to learn more about gardening indoors and outdoors.

The program is run by a licensed Early Childhood Educator who has created gardens for children across Vancouver in the hopes of inspiring families to spend more time outside in nature while growing their own food. The families take on the responsibility of weeding, watering and planting during the weeks they are registered, and are rewarded by taking their harvest home at the end of the growing season!

IMG_20160419_114916 IMG_20160419_114151

Seeds were donated by The Food Connection from their March gardening workshop and seed swap. So far, the families have planted radishes, carrots and a wildlflower blend that bees and butterflies are attracted to — and they’re all sprouting!

About Mount Pleasant Family Centre:

The Mount Pleasant Family Centre provides child-centred programs that nurture healthy growth and development for all families: ‘A Home Away From Home’.

We’re glad they’re part of the Mount Pleasant Food Network!

MPFN Community Dialogue – Asset Mapping and Kimchi Workshop

141008_MPFN_dialog_2014-Oct-29_print_r2 DRAFT 2

Join us at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House on October 29th for an informal dialogue about the MPFN.

We will be introducing the MPFN to community members and are looking for input for our Food Asset Mapping Project.

The workshop will be from 6-7pm, followed by a potluck and a kimchi workshop.

Please follow the link to rsvp.

Contact Andrew Hunter for more information.


Harvest Feast! w/ The FoodConnection

harvestfeast jpg

Join the Food Connection this month for a celebration of local seasonal food!

They’re throwing a party with food, music and FUN so bring your friends & family! Come play with food at their various experimentation stations and learn different ways to devour your favourite seasonal foods!

They’re encouraging folks to bring any local seasonal fruits & veggies or other ingredients they can offer. There will be four food stations you can contribute to: soup, salad, flatbread (pizza), and blended ‘ice cream’ dessert. Suggested ingredients are listed on their RSVP form.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the event and to let them know what you’re bringing. Please RSVP by September 20.

They’re also inviting people to help out or play music during the event, so if you’re interested, let them know on the form!

FoodConnections @ Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

August 27, 2014 @ 6:30pm

Mt Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Bees & Honey Workshop!

Did you know that bees and other pollinators are responsible for pollinating about 1/3 of our food? Without these essential creatures, we wouldn’t have things like apples or tomatoes!

Join us and our special guest Hives For Humanity as we learn about the world of bees and how to welcome them into our lives! We will be tasting honey from a Mount Pleasant hive (talk about local!) and rolling a beeswax candle to take home.

As usual, please bring a healthy potluck dish to share.

We are capping this event at 20 people, so make sure you RSVP here!