Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH) launched the Mount Pleasant Food Network (MPFN) in the spring of 2014 as part of the Greenest City Action Plan.

MPFN is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of all residents living in Mount Pleasant and nearby neighbourhoods by promoting an accessible, just and sustainable food system for our community.

Mount Pleasant has a deep history in food security initiatives including programs offered at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Mount Pleasant Community Center and Broadway Youth Resource Centre. Our Steering Committee embodies the diversity in our neighbourhood, with representatives from MPNH, BYRC, Village Vancouver, Vancouver Native Housing Society, MPCC and local residents.

We’d love to talk food with you. Connect with us at foodnet@mpnh.org.

Current Projects

Food Asset Map

Our Food Asset Map is available to you as an inventory of resources on food programs and services in Mount Pleasant. Food asset maps also help inform policies around food issues.

One component includes the locations of grocery stores, grocery delivery, grocery shopping assistance, holiday meals, meal delivery, community gardens, urban farms, community meals, emergency food, parks and green spaces, farmers markets, produce market programs (CSA’s and CSF’s), restaurants, free/low cost food programs and community food partner organizations.

The second includes an inventory of current food programs and services offered by the food partners and other groups including churches and places of worship.

Food Recovery Feasibility Project

The project’s goal is to recover food in the neighbourhood and engage participants and volunteers in processing it for vulnerable populations.  The scope of work will include assessing the feasibility, opportunities, and challenges for a food recovery program in Mount Pleasant, and providing recommendations and a strategic plan for how to get there.

Our Plan Includes:

Literature Review and Environmental Scan
Identify existing approaches, lessons, best practices, and partnership possibilities.

Interviews and Focus Groups
Conduct focus groups with stakeholders in Mount Pleasant to understand existing food recovery practices and food program operations, as well as barriers and opportunities to introducing or scaling up food recovery practices. These stakeholders will include a combination of food providers (e.g. food businesses), distributors (e.g. food businesses, community groups, or agencies), and receivers (e.g. community groups and agencies).

Food Recovery Demonstration Project – Hands on Experiential Learning
Design and implement a one-time food recovery demonstration project with food providers, distributors, and receivers in the neighbourhood who are ready to participate. This experiential “learning lab” will test out practices, identify gaps and areas for further development, and get partners excited to participate in food recovery.

Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks

Mount Pleasant Food Network is a proud member of the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks. We collaborate with associated food networks across the city to share best practices and advocate for food justice.

VFV Member Logo

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