Kwayatsut Smoothie Project Featured at “How to Save a Life” Event.

This summer, the Mount Peasant Food Network (MPNH) launched a pilot program to serve smoothies to folks waiting in line at the Mount Pleasant Food Hub. Spearheaded by Jolene and the incredible volunteers from Kwayatsut (a VNHS Housing building in Mount Pleasant), this pilot has been a resounding success that we’ll be continuing into the fall/winter.

We’re very proud to share the story of a recent event called “How to Save a Life,” hosted at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, that focused on the real impact the overdose crisis is having on people in the city, and prominently showcased the peer-support work being done by the volunteers of our Smoothie Project.

Here’s an excerpt of the story from the MPNH’s blog:

Content advisory: This good-news story describes the experiences of people on the front lines of the fentanyl overdose crisis.

More than 50 people gathered at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House on October 11 to hear first-hand accounts from five storytellers whose lives are deeply touched by the fentanyl overdose crisis.

Behind the scenes, volunteers from the Kwayatsut Community Engagement group provided hospitality. for those who came to came to listen and learn, as well as the survivors and front-line responders who shared their stories. Many members of the group have similar experiences of displacement and addiction, and have lost loved ones to overdose. Most have been gathering at our House every Monday for several years, along with Jolene Andrew—the Aboriginal Community Developer here at MPNH.

Since June, the Kwayatsut Community Engagement group has led Project Smoothie along with the Mount Pleasant Food Network and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, giving back to the community in a sweet way. Three days a month, a team of volunteers serve 300 nutritious drinks to people as they wait in line at the Mount Pleasant food hub to receive food assistance. For this special gathering, Barb Bourdon and Mamie Charleson blended up a fresh batch of banana-blueberry smoothies, and served mugs of hot herbal tea…

Click here to read the whole story.

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