We’ve got a new logo!

With harvest season well and fully underway, we figured it was as good a time as any to take some inspiration from our garden’s bounty. After a collaborative design process that involved feedback from dozens of Food Network members and incredible work by graphic designer Brendon Ip, we finally have a new logo!!!


Our design features an ripe, beautiful blueberry (indigenous to B.C.) and design features that emulate the Mount Pleasant clock.

To accompany the release of the new logo on our website and Facebook, we asked Brendon to say a few words about his design process, and the inspiration for the logo:

My process for designing a logo, brand or identity always begins the same way. I begin by taking the description of what the vision for the product is supposed to be and researching other logos of like-minded and similar organizations, networks or groups. This led me to survey the great diversity and style of the numerous logos of the other community food networks.

While any illustrator always strives to be fluid with their design process, personal style tends to always find a way to incorporate itself in a design. Through my years of design and illustration, I found my passion in using bold vectors, shadows and negative space to create depth in a simple yet stylish illustration. As a logo is not only an image but a brand and identity, I felt that the image I was tasked with making was to be simple but representative of the Mount Pleasant community. As such, my thoughts immediate jumped to the iconic clock found by Main and Kingsway as a source of inspiration.

With the main idea in place, I had to find a simple shape to construct the body of the logo. With the input of the Mount Pleasant Food Network Group, we sorted through potential ideas of tomatoes, beets, blackberries, figs and finally landed on a native species, the blueberry.

With the core idea in place, I set off to design a simple logo that would accurately depict the fruit while merging it with the concept of the Mount Pleasant clock. During the design process, I strived to create a shape that was multi-functional, easily applicable in different formats whether it be: text, sticker, poster or online-use. I decided to use a minimalist design to ensure that the clock-face was recognizable but not overpowering and different shades of blue to illustrate depth in the spherical shape so as not to take away from the main concept of the logo. After a few small adjustments on fine details, colours and size, we landed on the final product.

Huge credit to Brendon for the amazing work, and a big thanks to all of the Network participants who provided feedback on the design.

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