Skipper Otto’s CSF and MPNH

Thank you to Skipper Otto’s and all of your amazing Members!!!! 


Since 2009 Skipper Otto’s has had the tradition of donating unused shares to community organizations in need of food donations. In the past they’ve have donated to the Vancouver Food Bank Food Runners, and to several private, low-income families.

Last fall Skipper Otto’s invited their members to join them in making donations to Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House (MPNH) offers diverse programming near the Broadway and Fraser area of Mount Pleasant providing much needed services to a broad range of community members from babies through to seniors as well as providing specific programming to Aboriginals and Immigrant participants.

In one month they were able to raise enough money for over 100 pounds of fresh fish!!! These donations of healthy, sustainable, quality fish are going towards numerous programs at the MPNH including the Mount Pleasant Food Network, which seeks to strengthen food systems in Mount Pleasant. The fish will also go towards providing lunches and snacks for children in daycare, lunches for seniors and meals for community and cultural events.

“The skin is my favourite.” Elan


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